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An Undeclared Emergency At University of Hyderabad

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Vaikhari Aryat SAVARI strongly condemns the police brutality on students and faculty, which included verbal threats of rape hurled at women students; the profiling of politically active students and the unpardonable ongoing acts of depriving access to food, water and communication. Hostel students have the additional burden of keeping their parents and families assured of …


What’s happening in University of Hyderabad now

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  Round Table India An unprecedented crisis situation is being faced by students of UoH with hostel messes being shut down apart from strictly enforced no-entry for media, political groups and external student organizations (see circular). Updates reaching the social media and through phone conversations have confirmed that Internet has been blocked, and access to …


Jobseekers on 23rd Day of Hunger Strike Ignored by Bengal Govt

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  Deep Mondal Plea for Support The following plea was made by the protestors fighting for job appointments that they had earned in the Bengal government after successfully qualifying in the selection process of the Bengal State Serveice Commission (please read From Chuni Kotal to Ruma Das: The price of Bengal’s casteist education system for …