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Who’s your Perfect Dalit Woman?

christina thomas dhanaraj 1

  Christina Thomas Dhanaraj “The oppressor is solidary with the oppressed only when he stops regarding the oppressed as an abstract category and sees them as persons who have been unjustly dealt with, deprived of their voice, cheated in the sale of their labor — when he stops making pious, sentimental, and individualistic gestures and …


Caste, Friendship & Solidarity

christina thomas dhanaraj

  Christina Thomas Dhanaraj The practice of caste in India and the rest of South Asia is indisputable. The 3000-year old oppressive structure has its footprint in pretty much everything that is remotely Indian or South Asian. And no, 60 years of being a Republic, or the Mandal commission couldn’t do much to erase it. …


Dalit struggles and choice

rohith vemula 2

  Cynthia Stephen One of the queries raised by a senior retired government official from the Dalit community, who continues to engage with community issues well into his retirement, asked this question in the wake of the Rohith Vemula incident: “Should Dalit energy be wasted for causes like protesting against execution of Memon, favouring beef …


Caste and LGBT

Manish Gautam

  Manish Gautam Lately, I have been engaged in many discussions on online forums on the questions of caste and on the issues of being queer. The two topics, however, are discussed at their respective platforms, though it would be wrong to say that the two never overlap. This write-up is partly inspired from Sumit …


Silence of Solidarity

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  Abul Kalam Azad (I would like to thank Nidhin whose brilliant article has prodded me to thread my thoughts into this piece) “An untouchable to a hindu is an untouchable to a muslim”, Dr.B.R Ambedkar. Throughout my life, I have always been enticed and engulfed by silence- the silence of unrequited love, the silence …