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‘Episteme’ based on Experience: Review of “The Cracked Mirror” by Gopal Guru and Sundar Sarukkai

Pic cracked mirror

Bhawesh Pant ‘Lived experience’ is growing in popular appeal (Hoerger, 2016). The reasons for this upsurge are ‘emergence of the politics of identity’ (pg.1) and the theoretical failing of different disciplines, in grasping the essence of varied marginalities. The observation pertaining to lived experience is certainly not new, the celebrated tradition like Phenomenology and Feminist …


The Draft National Education Policy, 2019: Discrepancies between Philosophy and Content

Minal Sangole

  Minal Sangole Based on the reflections and discussions with colleagues in the field of education, I attempt to engage with the issues that have arisen after the MHRD sought feedback on its Draft Education Policy 2019.   I have included a number of points that I have heard being made that also resound with my …


The mechanics of choice in the University: From objective evaluation to optimum research

university of delhi

  Niharika & Praem Hidam Among the recent series of onslaughts on public funded universities in the country, coercive implementation of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for entry to Masters and MPhil and PhD research more particularly in the humanities and social sciences has shown a much darker side of the current danger that we all …


Dalit Girls Negotiate Women’s Studies


  Rupali Bansode Entering the academic space is not an easy journey for Dalit women. After studying in social science institutions and reading/learning theories about gender and women, there is a phase when self-reflection becomes necessary. In fact, reflexivity is considered very important in feminist research methodology. Taking this into consideration, this note is an …