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Reading ‘The Bridge of Migration’: Reflections on two poems of Yogesh Maitreya

chanchal kumar

  Chanchal Kumar Yogesh Maitreya is an assured new voice in dalit English literature. His debut poetry collection “The Bridge of Migration” was published in 2017 by Panther’s Paw Publication. This essay is first in a series I intend to write about his poems from the above mentioned volume. The poem I begin with is …


Project Heartland 4: Milk and Caste

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  Pratik Parmar Project Heartland captures the struggle of people from marginalised communities, mainly Dalits in Gujarat. It shows the courage and determination of Dalit women and men to assert for their rights despite all odds. By capturing these stories of struggle, Project Heartland wants these brave people to be known, recognised and be seen …


MHRD’s Trail of Letters Hounding Dalit Students of UoH


  Round Table India How does Brahmanism operate seamlessly across institutions, political organizations, political parties and the Govt. ministry to hound research students from Dalit communities? How do they work together to manufacture fake ‘anti-national’ narratives to execute social boycott on Dalit students? To get a glimpse of the above processes, please read the trail …


Social Boycott in UoH: The modern university as a caste enforcer

Expelled studelts staying in the shopcom

  Round Table India Babasaheb Ambedkar ~The more common and the more effective weapons is the declaration of complete boycott against the offending Untouchables. The horrors of the boycott, which is merely another name for Gandhi’s ” noncooperation”, can hardly be adequately described. The Committee appointed by the Government of Bombay to inquire into the …


Suspension of 5 Dalit Scholars: The Brahminical Conspiracy of BJP Unravelled

Expelled students forced to vacate hostels

In the year 2002, 10 Dalit scholars were rusticated by the University of Hyderabad administration for questioning the corruption by the then chief warden of UoH, who is presently the Vice-Chancellor posted by BJP led government. The ghosts of 2002 returned again to UoH in 2015. Five Dalit Research Scholars (Ph.D. students) were subjected to …


Social Boycott of Dalit Scholars: Locating caste in Modern context

Agnes 2

Agnes Amala While Indians take pride in calming that the Art (15) of our constitution provides for “Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of Birth” yet there is very little evidence of its application across the higher education sector. In fact, five research scholars at University of Hyderabad (UoH), …

Educate, Agitate, Organize

Bhagana’s Dalits and Caste Atrocities in Haryana


Public Meeting on Bhagana’s Dalits and Caste Atrocities in Haryana ~~~ AIBSF/UDSF Dalits from Bhagana village (Haryana) have reached Delhi covering a 200 km journey on foot in this sweltering summer heat, half naked, as a protest against the Khap Panchayat of Bhagana Jats. They have sat on a Dharna at Jantar Mantar, in the …


Bhagana’s Dalits Demand Justice in Delhi


Excluded from Society and Victims of State Repression, Dalits Demonstrate in Delhi for Justice Neel Kranti Desk (Translated from Hindi by Gurinder Azad) {youtube}EWHjBCL_m3Q{/youtube} While Delhi and its outskirts are facing 45 degrees temperatures and people are retreating into homes, offices and cars with air-conditioning, Dalits from Bhagana village (Haryana) have reached Delhi covering a …