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Ambedkarite Questions for Neeraj Ghaywan’s ‘The Heart Skipped A Beat’

Snehashish Das Ambedkarite Questions to the Neeraj Ghaywan directed episode ‘The Heart Skipped A Beat’ in Made in Heaven Although there are indeed the portraits of Buddha and Babasaheb portrayed in the Neeraj Ghaywan-directed episode ‘The Heart Skipped a Beat’ in the 2nd season of Made in Heaven, we must examine what is really Ambedkarite …


Dalit Policing and Policing Dalits: A Shift in Hindi cinema

Snehashish Das There has been a new shift in Hindi cinema recently. It is not just to acknowledge caste in their films, but in featuring Dalit characters, as cops. Back-to-back, two films and a web series, Bheed, Kathal and Dahaad – released in cinemas (Bheed), on Netflix (Kathal), and on Amazon Prime (Dahaad)- have Dalit …