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Serious Men – Not so Serious about Dalit Realities

neeraj bunker 2020

Neeraj Bunkar The recently released ‘Serious Men’ is an Indian Hindi language comedy drama film directed by Sudhir Mishra. The film is based on a book of the same name by Manu Joseph. This movie revolves around the issue of child genius scams. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Ayyan Mani) plays a migrant Tamil Dalit man who lives …


A critique of Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey’s approach to waste in India

dalits within dalits

  Dr. Ravichandran Bathran An article written by Assa Doron and Robin Jeffrey appeared in on 24th May 2018 under the title “Let’s Talk about Clean India’s Unspeakable Secret”. Both have been writing on India’s waste/garbage seen in public places. To put it differently, they are critics of India’s unclean public spaces and the …


Balmikis in Education: A Study of Exclusion and Discrimination

anju devi

  Anju Devi Balmiki community is highly discriminated by this society since long. Despite the various government programs which are aimed at the development of this community, discrimination and exclusion continues to be important factors in the low educational status of such marginalised communities. Within a broader discourse of educational attainment of the marginalised communities, …


Remembering Martyr Neelaventhan


  Ravi Chandran and James Michael (For Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes) “Dont call me a victim, I am an immortal…if you have guts bury my body in the middle of the city” – Kalekuri Prasad.  The self-immolation of Arunthathiyar leader Neelaventhan and the brooding silence over it cannot be reduced to an issue of …


Blood under Saffron: In Search of Justice

raju solanki 1

  ‘Under your fascist skySlowly pants the terrified dalit ghetto.’* Raju Solanki   (Raju Solanki is an activist and poet based in Gujarat. These are a few of his notes on Gujarat, the state of Dalits, minorities and other marginalized sections under the Modi regime. They provide keen insights into how ‘Moditva’ works and its …


Kaushal Panwar: My teacher’s casteism and sexism became my motivation

kaushal 2

  Neel Kranti Media (First published in the ‘Dalit and Adivasi Students’ Portal’ in 2010) Born and brought up in a Haryana village, Dr Kaushal Panwar teaches Sanskrit in Delhi University. Her life is one of the most remarkable testimonies of human grit and determination towards achieving one’s goal despite insurmountable odds. Kindly tell us …


The murder of a Dalit girl and the silence over it

paraiyan arunthathiyar marriage

  Ravi Chandran (This article talks about the alleged murder of a Paraiyar girl, Gogila, by her family because of her love marriage with an Arunthathiyar boy, Karthikeyan, in a village in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu. Apart from a small report in Junior Vikatan, the Tamil magazine, there has been absolute silence in the media …