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Feminism is Brahminism

anu ramdas 1

Anu Ramdas This is the transcript of a preliminary talk on the topic of feminism is brahminism. First, thank you. It is so lovely to see all of you. Thank you for the opportunity. And I am not at all happy to be talking about this topic at such a time. Ever since I wanted …


How did we get here?

Sruthi Herbert

  Sruthi Herbert Last week, social media saw an outburst from a couple of women who identify as feminists. They felt that the caste/gender question had been not been sufficiently addressed in their campus spaces, and that men had been stifling them, particularly the men active in anti-caste groups. What, in all probability, have been …


Dalits and Social Media

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  Anitya Sanket Since the commencement of social networking and its popularization in India, the Indian masses have successfully exploited it, so much so that today we are the third largest online population in the world with 73.9 million people. Out of all, this has benefitted the marginalized communities the most. The Dalit community which …


Casteless Academe, Name-calling Dalits?


Anu Ramdas Adivasi, dalit and lower shudra women are more often co-workers in the fields, kilns, mines, factories and neighborhoods than co-learners and professionals in institutions and organizations. The reverse is true for women belonging to upper castes. Majority of women are caught in manual occupations and only a tiny section of women get to …