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Rajputanis’ revolt against patriarchy, and the fake valor of Rajput patriarchy


  Ratnesh Katulkar The Rajputs from medieval times (which is the actual period of their appearance in Indian soil) portray their patriarchal male valor and military dominance through various folklore. In the recent Padmavati protest, the Karni Sena- the new outfit of Rajputs once again showed their bravery by attacking a bus carrying school going …


Casting corruption

mallepalli lakshmaiah

  Mallepalli Lakshmaiah There is nothing new in the social scientist, Ashis Nandy’s formulation that “most of the corrupt” people in India “come from the OBCs (Other Backward Classes) and the Scheduled Castes (SC), and now increasingly Scheduled Tribes (ST)”. Those defending Nandy as an original thinker and so-called public intellectual may be reminded of …