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‘Satya Mev Jayate’ (Truth Alone Triumphs): Locked and Chained

Hemangi Kadlak  This article is dedicated to the people who fought and are fighting to break different chains to make THE TRUTH ALONE VICTORIOUS. This article critically explores the symbolic connections aT the India-Pakistan border, the national emblem of India at this border, and the chain that is around the structure. Very recently, I got …


The Rise of the Bheem Army

the great chamar

  Vinay Shende Exclusive details on the recent caste incidents in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and the role of the Bheem Army. This report is based on a member speaking to Round Table India on the condition of anonymity. History of Bheem Army It started in a small village called Gagalhedi (name changed) in the district …


Arundhati Roy’s ‘Introduction’ to Ambedkar: Inside one Misogynistic & Xenophobic Dalit’s mind


  Anoop Kumar I, Ravidas, proclaim all Vedas are worthless. ~ Sant Ravidas. Nishan Singh was a freedom fighter, a martyr who fought against the British to gain freedom for the country. A Rajput whose memory must be cherished, his life celebrated. Therefore we have statues, a memorial, a school and other government buildings named …