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Poverty of Philosophy within Liberals in Understanding Anti-Caste Politics

om mahtao

  Omprakash Mahato There are social scientists who develop their views on caste through textual means, attending conferences and seminars, observing society from a distance etc. While reading textbooks is the conventional way, some scholars tend to develop their ‘theories’ from watching Bollywood movies, reading newspapers,viewing newsroom studios debates, discussing and debating with research scholars …


Karnataka elections and Dalits

mangesh dahiwale

  Mangesh Dahiwale Karnataka boasts of 23 percent population of Dalits, but the Dalit led party BSP could win only one seat and its vote share is just 0.4 percentage. The Dalit votes got divided not only in Karnataka, but also in Tripura recently where the Dalits constitute 17 percent of the total population. The …