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In Memory of Sant Ramanand Ji

ram ahirwar 2019

Ram Dayal Ahirwar Political and social theorists are in support of subaltern theoretical development in India as an emancipatory project for the socially, religiously, gender-wise, and regionally marginal. But within the strand of Dalit politics, there are lots of contestations, there are independents, groups of activists and public intellectuals who have problematic dispositions towards words …


Is there a space for North-Eastern identity among students’ politics in Indian Universities?

thangminlal lalcha haokip

  Thangminlal (Lalcha) Haokip My colleagues have often asked me why University students from the North East do not take an active part in students’ politics in mainland Indian Universities. Often times, I would find myself unable to answer this inquiry. Perhaps, a convenient straitjacket reply could be that since a majority of these students …


‘Merit’ is Constructed via Coaching Centres: Anoop Kumar

anoop japan

  Anoop Kumar This is the transcript of his speech at the Fourth International Dr. Ambedkar Convention 2018, at the Matsumoto Juchiro & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Convention, Japan, in October 2018. It was transcribed by Vinay Shende. Thank you very much. Jai Bhim and Good Morning to All. My name is Anoop and …