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Duddu Prabhakar: Dalit movement at a crossroads

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes [In this interview Duddu Prabhakar, veteran Dalit rights activist and President of the ‘Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samithi’ (‘Struggle Committee for Eradication of Caste’, roughly), traces the history of the Dalit movement in Andhra Pradesh from Karamchedu in 1985 to Lakshimpeta in 2012, and says the movement now has to decide …


On Yanadis, committed activism and a successful land struggle


  Karthik Navayan   I don’t know Whether it is athiesm or animism But I am the Adi Dalit Who first excommunicated Brahmanvad. — from the Telugu poem ‘Yanadonni‘ by G.V. Ratnakar. ~~~ In 2006, Thupakula Munemma, a Yanadi tribeswoman in Nellore district, received a parcel from the local Revenue Divisional Officer through post. Munemma …


‘We will do a Chunduru on you!’


Desecration of Ambedkar statues: Truth is the first casualty (Part II) Continued from here.  In this concluding part on the issue of desecration of Dr Ambedkar’s statues in Andhra Pradesh, G Jhansi, of Dalit Sthree Sakthi,  maps for us the morphing forms of atrocities on dalit assertions. In her analytical narrative of the complex caste …


Political radicals but social Tories

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by Chandrabhan Prasad The entire anti-Congress formation, including the intelligentsia, had hailed NT Rama Rao as the saviour who uprooted the Congress from the largest southern state. To be bracketed in the “progressive” club then, one had to demonstrate his or her anti-Congress credentials. Quite logically then, NTR was made chairperson of the National Front. …