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Bhagana-Haryana Rape Victims warn Hooda against inaction

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  Ravi Nitesh Victims and activists unite in demanding One Crore compensation and rehabilitation for Bhagana’s Dalit minor rape victim girls and forcing the Haryana CM to act against the upper caste perpetrators who have brazenly been grabbing the Dalit villagers’ land New Delhi, 11 May 2014: Hundreds of women, children and men from Bhagana …


Untouchable: Dalit women in India

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  Laura Smith-Gary   (First published Equal Writes website in September 2009)   Earlier this summer, in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state and the home of over 190 million individuals, fury and small-scale violence erupted when a Brahmin (upper-caste) political opponent of the state’s Chief Minister appeared to suggest the Chief Minister, a Dalit  woman …