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Dr Ambedkar’s contribution to the history of thought


Chanchal Kumar Since I don’t have anything to pass off as an introduction, I would prefer to plunge straightaway to the topic at hand. The fact that Dr Ambedkar studied and mastered so many different fields of knowledge, from something as diverse as Economics and Law, not only proves his extraordinary commitment and love to …


Eklavya and Karna: An Understanding of Discrimination against Marginalised in Indian Education System


Ritu Mahabharata and Ramayana are considered as the biggest epics (Mahakavya) of India. These are back in popular discussion with the reruns of their TV serials on Doordarshan amid the Covid-19 crisis. Those who have access to television are watching the serials with great interest as shown by the rising TRPs of Doordarshan. Coming to …


Every ‘Second Citizen’

dushyant yadav

  Dushyant Yadav The Assam NRC draft has jerked up a catch-22 situation in India. Citizenship has become the navel of our Socio-Political discourse of late and it has erected a new debate which has seemingly seduced every major political entity of our country. While some are vehemently against the deflowering of Indian territory, the …


Spinning Wheel: From Gandhi to Modi

naveen pic 2012

  Naveen (Nijam) Gara Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture replacing that of M K Gandhi at the charkha in an official annual calendar has kicked up a storm. Modi baiters have pounced upon this egregious ‘offence’ that the eternal propagandist has committed. It was one thing to appear on Reliance jio advertisements but to supersede …


Why Dalit History Matters

pardeep singh

  Pardeep Attri If you want to destroy a society, destroy its History and the society will get destroyed automatically – Dr. Ambedkar Nobody till now has questioned winners; neither will anyone in the future ask them, how have they won? Fiction is “generally accepted falsehood” or “non factual literature”, whereas the History is “systematic …