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The fence-sitter of Tamil Nadu politics: Superstar Rajinikanth

keerthi nathan 2020

Keerthi Nathan Tamil Nadu has a long history where Dravidian politics is associated with the Tamil cinema industry and they both go hand in hand because the Tamil film industry has produced three Chief Ministers. The trend started with M.Karunanidhi and CN Annadurai who were known for their acumen in script writing and continued the …


Kaala: Construct of Ambedkarite leadership by Pa Ranjith

mahipal mahamatta

  Mahipal Mahamatta If we look at the history of more than 100 years of Indian cinema, we will find that Caste has been blatantly sidelined from it. Kancha Ilaiah had staid that mainstream history of India, is a history of the upper castes and there is no space for Dalits and Bahujans in it. …


Ranjith’s Kaala is a call for collective action: A felt review

r karthick narayanan

R Karthick Narayanan A good movie often has a tendency to leave you affected when you leave the cinema hall. Among such movies, some make the audience express sympathy towards the subjects in the movie, others make us empathize with the subjects in the movie, but very few movies have the ability to provoke you …


Milking Thoothukudi massacre for caste vendetta: The Boycott Kaala call


  Bobby Kunhu The liberal Tamil intelligentsia is at it again – Pa Ranjith bashing – and this time for guilt by association. Following Rajinikanth’s visit to Thoothukudi after the massacre on 22nd May, he was publicly humiliated on camera by Santhosh, a young leader of the movement and also the coordinator of the All …


Kabali: A Story of the History of Caste Globalisation and Caste Struggle

V Thombare

  Vidyanand Thombare Rajinikanth’s recent film Kabali has received a great response. Certainly brand Rajani can’t be factored out for this grand reception like most of his erstwhile releases. Does Kabali’s success attribute only to Thalaiva or are there other things too which had connections with this success? Of course Rajinikanth himself carries a Hugovion …


Kabali and Brahman Naman: A Study in Contrast


  Pranav Kuttaiah Two films recently released that couldn’t seem more far apart. They are set in different contexts, directed by vastly different directors, produced and distributed for entirely different audiences, and star actors from completely divergent walks of life and scales of stardom. But the fact remains that they were produced from the same …