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Towards Genocide: Upper Caste Policy Over Manual Scavengers

rajanikanta gochhayat

  Rajanikanta Gochhayat Manual scavenging, a caste based occupation imposed on certain Dalit communities under the division of labour in the Hindu caste system, means not only picking up night soil from dry latrines but also extends its tentacles to those working on railway tracks, manholes, public toilets, sewage, and even those working with protective …


Chamcha Leadership or Conscious Leadership?

rajanikanta gochhayat

  Rajanikanta Gochhayat Representation simply means acting and representing opinion/interest on behalf of the people. In the Indian context, Representation is divided into two categories: one, leadership from a reserved constituency and two, leadership from an unreserved constituency. Here, we would like to discuss the leadership emerging from the reserved constituencies by applying two models …