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Create Dalit Economy the way Dalit Sahitya was created: Chandra Bhan Prasad


  Chandra Bhan Prasad and Pushpendra Johar in a discussion: this is a part of the series of interviews, talks, articles that SAVARI and Round Table India are trying to put together to gather the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the second part of the discussion; the first part is here.  Pushpendra: …


The Making of the Region: Perspectives from a Non-Savarna Newspaper (Part II)

hospet junction

  P. Thirumal Continued from Part I Disciplinary axis From a certain disciplinary and a temporal axis, region has been studied as an objective entity in the form of center-state relations.[43] Presently, the behaviorist-functionalist paradigm referred to as institutional approach seems to be giving way to a more nuanced cultural studies paradigm.[44] A certain dominant …


Loot of SC/ST funds in last year’s Union Budget


  Karthik Navayan A February 2011 press release of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan says:  * Once again UPA Denies SCs Rs.Cr. 24,570 in Scheduled caste Plan and STs Rs.Cr. 10530 in Tribal Sub Plan  * Together for SCs & STs, allocates only 4.03% for in both Plan and Non-plan budgets  *The …