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Dalit teen Somesh sacrifices himself to establish a board with Ambedkar’s name and photo

Rahul Kumar Gautam  On February 27, a horrible incident took place in Silaibada village in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district. The Jatav community had put up a board that was painted with Dr. Ambedkar’s portrait. The UP police, led by the deputy collector, went with a JCB to uproot the board. The Jatav community opposed the …


Which came first? Caste or Reservation?

Rahul Kumar Gautam The Past life of Dalits Since the time of Vedas, the people of India have been divided into a hierarchical caste system based on their occupation. According to Hindu scriptures, Brahmins are at the top. Dalits were separated from the four caste hierarchy classes (Varnas) and were referred to as Avarna. According …