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The politics of Aadai

Rajesh Rajamani new

  Rajesh Rajamani   Introduction   There is a prevalent tendency among film critics and even audience to classify a movie as feminist just because it has a female actor playing the lead role. So when Rathna Kumar’s Aadai starring Amala Paul released recently, there were similar expectations. Also, since the movie was titled ‘Aadai’ …


Sweet Country: Domination, Land, and Law

mukesh kumar

  Mukesh Kumar Australian director Warwick Thornton’s recently released film Sweet Country, which is making a buzz on the global scene, unfolds the relationship of power and domination within the purview of the colonial settlers’ encounter with the aboriginal people. The film set in the 1920s in the mesmerising landscape of Northern Territory near Alice Springs …


Slaves of Manu

nitin daktode

  Nitin Dhaktode Some peopleBorn in the socially marginalised community,Forget their rootsSpend their life practising slaveryThe bootlickers of the oppressor casteOppressors from Right, Left, Centre, Liberal etc. Never forgetThey will use and throw you.They will make sure you are their slaves forever,The day you talk aboutYour Dignity, Leadership, Empowerment,Challenge their oppressionYou will be their biggest …


Annotations on the Indian shore: Cultural Pedagogy of the Writings of Oppressors and its Faultlines


   Yogesh Maitreya Alongside social and economic capital, cultural capital is one important source from which power flows in any society. Culture of any country is always that which is perceived as culture by the dominant (oppressor) groups, neglecting that of the oppressed. Writing, regardless of genre, is often used as one of the major …


‘Power is not only our legitimate right but also an asset’: Thol. Thirumavalavan

thiruma in kathmandu

Speech delivered by Thol. Thirumavalavan, M.P., and President, Liberation Panthers Party (VCK) at ‘South Asia Parliamentarians’ Conference on Dalit Concerns’ ~Enabling Equity & Inclusion~ on 8th -9th December 2013, in Kathmandu, Nepal ~   Respected Chairperson Mr. Paul Divakar, Co-chairperson Mr. Yam Bahadur Kisan, Respected Panel Members of this session – Mr. Ranendra Barali, Mr. …


Whipping up ‘critical pedagogy’: Uncritical defense of NCERT’s violence

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Savari (Round Table India thanks Savari for sharing this article) Universally, the imagery of a whip evokes the reality of violence throughout human history. The whip is inseparable from violence against slaves, dalits, women, animals and children. Almost all histories of protest against injustice, be it feminism, anti-slavery, anti-caste or anti-apartheid movements have protested and …