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Sterlite Wins Again

Bobby Kunhu “Charles Darwin is wrong: only the closest to the Government will survive” – Ljupka Cvetanova On 18th October, 2022, two reports were tabled before the Tamil Nadu State Assembly, the first report by a Commission of Inquiry headed by Retd. Justice A. Arumaghaswamy looked into the circumstances under which former 68-year-old Chief Minister, …


Dalit Blood Taints Modi’s Claims

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Anand Teltumbde (From ‘Dalit Rights‘ blog) During the state sponsored carnage of Muslims in 2002, Dalits in Gujarat were unduly defamed having performed the role of foot soldiers of the Hindutva forces. These were stray incidents in Ahmedabad wherein Dalits were spotted in the crowds that attacked Muslims but there were several other instances that …


Thaan Dalit Mahasammelan


At the Thaan Dalit Mahasammelan held on October 2, close to 50,000 dalit community members gathered in Thangadh town to protest the killing of three youths in police firing on September 22 and 23. {youtube}AOfH7vfNTYc{/youtube} Speaking on the occasion, Raju Solanki, Dalit rights activist said:


Notes on Forbesganj Violence

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by Ashok Yadav & Khalid Anis Ansari The police firing and subsequent killing of five OBC Muslims in Bhajanpur village in Forbesganj of Araria district in Bihar on June 3, 2011 has been analyzed in most reports in the public sphere through the frame of ‘communalism’ and there has been little effort to grapple with …