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From Brahmanism to Ambedkarism: An Ongoing Ontological Expedition

yashwant zagade 1

  Yashwant Zagade I was raised in the suburbs of Mumbai in the 90s, at a time when Hindutva politics reached its peak for the first time after independence. I still remember how this political atmosphere influenced my childhood — I grew up sloganeering “Tai, Mai-Aakka vichar kara pakka ani magach dhanushybaanavar mara shikka” (sister, …


Understanding Caste & Casteism in Higher Education and Academic Institutions (Part II)

Lata P M

  Continued from here Lata Pratibha Madhukar What is casteism? The systemic discrimination, inequalities, repression, atrocities, targeting, snatching livelihood options, exclusions, various types of humiliation aimed at making members of the lower and lowest castes psychologically, physically, socially and economically vulnerable–allowed and sanctioned by Brahminism to each higher caste in the hierarchy of caste system …