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Has India officially abandoned (Parliamentary) Democracy?

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  S Kumar There are mainly two ways of establishing democracy, one by direct democracy and another by indirect or representative democracy.   Usually, only small societies follow direct democracy where most of the decisions for the whole society are taken by directly calling people and seeking their opinion by voting. In some countries like …


The Great Gamble: Dr Ambedkar on Parliamentary Democracy (With transcript of his 1953 BBC interview)

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  Prameya M Why did parliamentary democracy collapse so easily in Italy, Germany and Russia? Why did it not collapse so easily in England and the U.S.A? To my mind, there is only one answer. It is that there was a greater degree of economic and social democracy in the latter countries than existed in …


Threatening Indian democratic system: Case of Anti-Defection Law

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  S Kumar Abstract Once touted as one of the most vibrant democracies based on modern principles, Indian democracy has gradually slipped to a chaotic governance system. For the mainstream Indian political parties, this may be due to the past legacy of British laws resulting in sharp differences between caste, region and religion as the …