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Budget 2019 — another loquacious exercise!

pv diagram 1

  P Victor Vijay Kumar Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the first budget of the new government with the same old theme of verbosity and pompousness. Let’s look at a few of the things this exercise has clearly disclosed (for better readability and comprehension, the author has limited his analysis to only certain glaring aspects). …


A parable of inspiration narrated by Dalit Christians!

saripella rajesh

  P Victor Vijay Kumar Thousands of years of the varna and caste system took the entire society to an abysmal level of morality and insensitivity towards fellow human beings. The sections at the bottom layers have been intimidated for years to ensure social and economic gains for the brahminical caste Hindus. Of late, the …


Tell me …What is fraud here?

nirav modi

  P Victor Vijay Kumar Banking and investment starts at the point when there is an acceptable line demarcating trust and mistrust. This business of earning money from somebody’s hard work and efforts, which is called Banking, is risked by a masqueraded picture of promise and assurance.The banking business channels the savings and lives on arbitration …