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Topography of Urban Imagination in Modern Malayalam Novel

Anilkumar pv

  Anilkumar PV   It is not without profound sorrow that one admits to oneself that in their highest flights the artists of all ages have raised to heavenly transfigurations precisely those conceptions which we now recognize as false: they are the glorifiers of the religious and philosophical errors of mankind, and they could not …


Against Brahminical Tradition: A Dalit Critique of Indian Modernity

kesava kumar

  Dr. P. Kesava Kumar ‘I don’t know when I was born/but I was killed on this very soil thousand years ago/ ‘dying again and again to be born again’/ I don’t know the karma theory/I am being born again and again where I was dead.’1 ~ Kalekuri Prasad History!/ all these years how could …


Dalit Literatures in India

dalit lit

    Joshil K. Abraham and Judith Misrahi-Barak, eds. Routledge India, US and UK; September 2015350 pages, Kindle edition and Hardback ISBN 9781138891944 With this eclectic collection of critical essays, written from a range of positions and raising a variety of issues, it is clear that Dalit literature has come of age. — Susie Tharu, Department …