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Reading ‘Guja-ratri: Reflections on Moditva’

noel mariam

Noel Mariam George The book ‘Guja-ratri: Reflections on Moditva’ attempts to uncover the darkness that has engulfed the country since the rise of Motiva through a series of 17 articles. The attempt of this review is to look at the book through three conceptual frameworks. Deconstructing the Binary of Dalit-Muslim The book begins with Ambedkar’s …


Beauty, Femininity and the Politics of ‘Desire’

noel mariam

Noel Mariam George The recent crowning of a biracial black woman as Miss World made news as it made full circle with four other wins by biracial black and black women in the biggest beauty pageant. Not many understand beauty pageants as political; however what can be more political than a contest in which nations …