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A few days in Naxal-dominated Bhamragad or the story of 70 years of Independence!

bodhi ramteke

A few days in Naxal-dominated Bhamragad Bodhi Ramteke The excruciating pain of Roshni and the loss of Jaya’s life were both heartbreaking, and the concern for both of them and their family took me several miles away from my house to theirs. It was the month of July. Roshni was nine months pregnant then and …


Penning Rebellion

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  A brief note on Dalit literary movements in Maharashtra Daisy Katta Revolutions are stirred on paper and are born out of pens and inks. Revolutionary movement categorically uproots the very being of an accepted thought and tries to negate, challenge, eradicate social evils, thus creating an atmosphere of non-conformity. Literature is a vehicle for …