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Dalit Women Workers Fighting Modern Day Slavery

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  National Dalit Movement for Justice   A Fact Finding Report on the mass dismissal of Dalit sanitation workers in Delhi University, 7th Feb 2016 A brief account of the incident On 26th December 2015, the provost of UG Women’s Hostel (Delhi University), Prof. Rita Kakkar (Dept. of Chemistry, Delhi University) informed seven Dalit women workers …


Mirchpur Carnage Against Dalits


Fact-Finding Report Of Mirchpur Carnage Against Dalits On 21 April 2010 That the Hindus most often succeed in pulling down Untouchables is largely due to many causes. The Hindu has the Police and the Magistracy on his side. In a quarrel between the Untouchables and the Hindus the Untouchables will never get protection from the Police or justice …