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Future. India. Dalit.

anu ramdas 1

  Anu Ramdas This article was written for the Society of Future Studies a member of the Swiss Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences and was published in their journal edition of 01/21 which focussed on The Future of India. ‘Unborn time’ feels like a good description for the ubiquitously used concept of future, it …


Social Transformation and Nation

pruthviraj ramagorakh

  Pruthviraj Rama Gorakh From the last two years, the topics of nation and nationalism are being hotly debated in the country. In the last parliamentary elections, the BJP’s campaign put forth their idea of nation, based on Hindu nationalism. As they complete two years in office, we are now able to analyze their idea …


Building the Idea of India: Conserving Brahmanism and the Brahmanical State?

Pinak Banik

  Pinak Banik (This is a three part essay dissecting the much celebrated ‘idea of india’ from an anti-caste perspective, attempting to lay bare the machinations of the Brahminical knowledge producers) Many of us have recently come across a haphazard, yet systematic procession of essays, articles, reports, lectures, coverage, debates broadcast on electronic and print …


Whose nation is it anyway?

rahi gaikwad 1

  Rahi Gaikwad I remember a chapter in my class ten SSC (State Secondary Certificate) board textbook. It was an excerpt from Nehru’s ‘Discovery of India’. The passage spoke of Nehru’s idea of India; it is perhaps among the best known lines of the book. Nehru said, “All of us I suppose, have varying pictures …