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50 Years of Bangladeshi Independence and the Unresolved Question of the Lower Castes

mayur kudupale 2021

Mayur Kudupale Bangladesh is celebrating 50 years of independence from Pakistan. It has been a remarkable journey for this country that has set an ideal example in the Indian subcontinent. The independence of Bangladesh and post-independence development is directly associated with the India-Pakistan tussles. Soon after independence, Henry Kissinger had famously called Bangladesh a ‘Basket …


Building the Idea of India: Conserving Brahmanism and the Brahmanical State? Part II

Pinak Banik

  Pinak Banik Continued from here. Prof. Habib advances, saying, “a concept of India, politically independent, is already present in 1857. But was it sufficient?”, “something more was needed to turn India from a ‘country’ into a ‘nation’.Two stages seem to me to be very important for such conversion. First of all, there had to …


Marichjhapi and the Revenge of Bengali Bhadralok


(First published in Insight blog in 2009) Anoop Kumar, Ajay Hela and Nilesh Kumar Exactly 30 years ago, Dalits, in West Bengal, came to realize the true nature of Indian state that is being dominated, in every sense, by a tiny section of population but at a great personal cost. It was in 1979, when …