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Caste, Family, Self: Savarna Christian Perspectives

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Nidhin Shobhana (This is a short report on a self-perception survey conducted among Young Syrian Christians as a part the author’s MPhil Coursework in Centre for Studies in Discrimination and Exclusion, JNU) What is the value of a perception survey? The Mandal Commission in its ‘socio-educational’ household survey asked the participants the following question— Do …


Ensure Social Justice and Equal Opportunities in Aided College Appointments

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  Scrap the unconstitutional provisions of Direct Payment Act, 1972 Ensure Social Justice and Equal Opportunities in Aided College Appointments We welcome the move by the present LDF government to implement reservations in aided college teaching/ non-teaching appointments. It is laudable that the democratic government is putting to an end the constitutional breach and anti-reservation stance …


No ghar, so no ghar wapsi

kancha ilaiah

  Kancha Ilaiah The Sangh Parivar is conducting the so-called “ghar wapsi” programmes all over the country. According to a newspaper report, about 8,000 people have been brought back to “ghar” from Christianity in newly formed Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The reconversion of some dalit Christians in Kerala is also widely reported. Nobody knows when …


Arippa Land Struggle: The Geography of Caste in Kerala

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  Ajith Kumar A S The people in the protest land in Arippa in Kollam district in Kerala, are celebrating the first anniversary of their land struggle in the last week of December. It was on December 31st, 2012, that over 150 landless families, under the leadership of ADMS, ‘occupied’ and set up temporary shelters …


Caught in a Traffic jam: Liberation in Malayalam cinema

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  Rupesh Kumar The Malayalam movie ‘Traffic’ has the actor Sreenivasan essaying complex roles; narrator, convict and the hero. I find it significant to analyze his role transformations and examine the explicit and implicit messages being conveyed in the movie as a reflection of Malayali society.  The Narrator         Why was Sreenivasan chosen to be the ‘philosophical’ …