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Playing the Savior: Hindutva and Muslim Women’s Rights

Bobby Kunhu “Patriarchy is a kind of shirk (or idolatry)… stemming from the Satanic notion of istikbar (thinking of oneself as better than another)….”                                – Amina Wadud, Inside the Gender Jihad: Women’s Reform in Islam Muslim communities, like every other theistic or atheistic social system, are hegemonic and patriarchal. But, in a virulently Muslimophobic world, …


Real Daughters of India

dr sujata athawale

  Daisy Katta An interview with Dr. Sujata Vishwasrao Athawale, Professor and Dalit Activist, Amravati, Vidarbha, Maharashtra.  Dr. Sujata Vishwasrao Athawale is a Dalit women’s rights activist who has been working with rural Vidarbha’s Dalit, Adivasi, Nomadic and Denotified Tribal and Muslim women for the last two decades. On the occasion of International Woman’s Day, …