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Are Muslims of Uttar Pradesh Bonded Laborers of Samajwadi Party?


  Mohammad Asif & Mohd. Amir Khan Election fever is gripping the most populous state of the country, Uttar Pradesh, and every party – be it BSP, SP-Congress alliance and newcomers like Owaisi’s AIMIM are wooing Muslims with their sop-operas. But the curious case to examine is of the Samajwadi Party which came to power …


Caste Census and Indian Muslims A rejoinder to Abusaleh Shariff : by Khalid Anis Ansari

caste census

  Khalid Anis Ansari In a recent piece Mr. Abusaleh Shariff (‘Casting the Caste Net’, Indian Express, 23 August 2010) has attempted an imaginative intervention in the debate around the caste census. While he enters the debate both in his ‘professional’ capacity as a renowned economist/demographer (to ‘discuss alternatives for collecting caste data’) and as a ‘communitarian’ …