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A tribute to the indigenous people of India

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  A tribute to the indigenous people of India on International Indigenous People’s Day now recognised by the UN A simplified brief history of thousands of years of Indian anti-humanism explains who are the indigenous people of India Shekhar Bodhakar The Real Utopia Over three (some say four, some five) thousand years ago the land …


Global Bahujan Movement – Dr. Manisha Bangar’s North America Tour April – May 2017

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  Round Table India Dr. Manisha Bangar has just returned from a trip to the US and Canada, where she gave a series of talks about Ambedkarism, and the state of the caste struggle in India. Dr. Bangar is a leading organizer of Mulniwasi Bahujans of India (the Indigenous majority population). Currently serving as National …


Asur Utsav, not Durga Puja

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  “It is an Utsav, Not Puja”: Asur Utsav, Mulnibasi Culture and Challenges to Brahminical Hegemony Georgy Kuruvilla Roy and Samata Biswas (For Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes) The social media is rife with allegations and counter allegations regarding the casteist, brahminical, Hindu and/or secular nature of Durga Puja. Mainstream Bengali media have chosen to …