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Is Fascism knocking at the door?

Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy

  Dr. Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy Valedictory Speech delivered at Vidrohi Sahitya Sammelana held on 24-12-2017 in Shahada, Nandurbar district, Maharashtra Hon. President of the Sammelana, the dignitaries on the Dais and the august literary audience before me. I am extremely happy to be present here today for two reasons. One is my poems are getting published …


‘What is your caste?’

Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy

  Essay 3. ‘What Babasaheb Ambedkar Means to Me’ Mudnakudu Chinnaswamy   If I was a tree The bird wouldn’t ask me Before it built its nest What caste I am. ~ Anti-caste literature from members of the outcastes and lower castes in Karnataka has a very long history. The phrase Dalit literature is often …