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Brahmanical Hegemony in Knowledge Production and Pedagogy

tejaswini tabhane

  Tejaswini Tabhane Famous Indian Sociologist, André Béteille, writes a thick book on Indian Higher Education — Universities at the Crossroads. Therein, he does not mention much about caste. The only point where he brings out the issue of caste is when he discusses the poor performance of state universities and one reason he gives …


Ambedkar does not need to be rescued – II

nilesh kumar 3

  Nilesh Kumar Continued from here. On 25th December, 1927, Ambedkar along with his Brahmin and Muslim colleagues (who donated land to conduct the ceremony) burned ‘manusmirti’ at the hands of Bapusahib Sahastrabuddhe. Will the RSS or the Brahmins, who Ambedkar called the natural leaders of the Hindus, be able to digest that the manusmriti …