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Rising Caste Based Inequality and Entrepreneurship Among Pasmanda Communities

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  Mohammad Imran In the last two decades, the term Pasmanda has been heavily discussed by Bahujan political scientists, especially when it comes to the democratic politics among Indian Muslims. Mobilisation based on the same term has demanded democratisation of intra-religious politics. Pasmanda mobilisation not only questioned the communal (binary) nature of political gathering but …


An excerpt from Impact of ‘Cow Politics’ on Muslim Community: A case study of Ghosi community of North India

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Mohammad Imran    Abstract: The Ghosi community, traditionally associated with milking and herding, today faces unexpected challenges and is struggling to maintain its traditional occupation and livelihood. Earlier, mounting inflation and the increased cost of fodder and cattle maintenance were the issues troubling the community, but the recent socio-political context of ‘Gau Raksha’ (Cow Vigilantism) …