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Who really owns the feminist spaces in mainland India?

ruth chawngthu

  Ruth Chawngthu Coming to Delhi for my undergraduation was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life; I had always felt like a big fish living in a small pond living in Mizoram – one of the least populated states in India. It was my ‘big city dream’, something that would finally catapult …


Support Mahabodhi Residential School in Mizoram

mahabodhiSchool 1

  Sudip Chakma Dear Friends, I am very glad and excited to be connected with you through this media, from a remote Village, Tuichawng in Lunglei District Mizoram, India. Our school, Mahabodhi Residential School, has been working for strengthening the orphaned children in the society. We have been working with these children for the past …