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Memes and infographics on Instagram: How Dalit students are busting misinformation one post at a time

Nitin Kalyan It did not take the 23-year-old Prashant Randive too long to spot the bias and misinformation that infographics and memes flooding social media platforms were spreading. Prashant, a first-generation learner pursuing his masters degree and going by @Pashwords on Instagram, spends considerable time making infographics to counter misinformation around issues like reservations. He …


The media and violence against women in ‘Maya’s UP’


  Bhanu Pratap Singh [Why is every crime in Uttar Pradesh reported as happening in ‘Maya’s U.P’, while similar incidents in other states are not publicized as happening in ‘Sheila’s Delhi’ or ‘Reddy’s AP’? This article discusses the sordid casteist politics behind the media’s consistent negative coverage of ‘Maya’s UP’, and the Congress and other …