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COVID19 response: the immorality of it all

sruthi wfh covid

  Sruthi Herbert  (SAVARI and Round Table India are doing a series to put together the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic) Anu: The pandemic has thrown up so many conflicting discourses, tell us about the most troubling ones for you? Sruthi: I want to start talking about the immorality of our times that this …


Corona, Social Disruption and Academic Anxieties


  Umar Nizar The Journal of Extreme Anthropology recently carried a study by an Indian academic on the forced movement of millions of migrant labourers and their families across the states, and mostly into the Gangetic Delta. The domain under consideration, for too long has been infected with the caste virus. The author of the …


Open Letter to the CM of Maharashtra – Immediate Assistance to COVID-19 affected Slums

mumbai covid19

  Date: 1st April, 2020 To,Hon’ble Chief Minister and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister,Government of Maharashtra Subject: Immediate Assistance for COVID19 affected people in Mumbai slum areas The novel COVID19 i.e. Coronavirus infection has spread at a very fast pace all over the world. Even if the government has taken all appropriate steps from time to …