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Mirabai Chanu – Bahujan, Brahmin or just Meitei?


  Khakhlari  How digital activism narratives around the athlete exposed structural racism towards the ‘chinky northeasterner’ When Mirabai made news as the first woman to score a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, people across several socio-political factions were quick to claim her. Her win evoked nationalistic pride and sentiments and celebratory posts poured in. A …


Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur

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The Case for Separate Administration:Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur ~ Min Khooptong “O stranger, thou who passes by,Go, and tell the hills high and low,That in defending their ‘morrow,Here we lie”  An epitaph proposed for the patriots who gave their lives. Barely a month has passed since …


Manipur tribals demand ‘Separate Administration’

Slain body of a protestor shot by the Manipur police

  Manipur Tribals Forum (Delhi) 1. On 31 August, 2015, the Manipur Assembly passed three bills following sustained protests in the Manipur valley districts demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) system for the State. The three bills, taken together, will directly undermine the existing safeguards for the tribal ‘hill areas’ regarding land-ownership and …


Christmas 2012 : After all home is just 15 minutes away…


  Senganglu Thaimei It is with a compelling urge to let out my angst that I sat down to write in Tulihal, the airport in Imphal. A stringent curfew had been announced, and news of burning vehicles and sounds of tear gas or perhaps gunshots were welling up in the Imphal valley. This was because …