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Does India lack the moral stamina to stop manual scavenging?

Dhamma Darshan

  Dhamma Darshan Nigam Within eight days, eleven Indian citizens have died in sewers and septic tanks. Five died in a septic tank in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh1 on 16th September. On 14th September a 28 years old man died while cleaning a Delhi Jal Board2 sewer pit. And five died on 9th September 2018 …


Fact Finding Report on the Murder of three Dalit youths in Sonai, Maharashtra

sonai dalits

Kunal Shirsathe & Manisha Tokle [Translated from Marathi by Shivali Tukdeo] “I saw my son cut up in pieces. I cannot endure the grief. Did my son commit a crime by falling in love with a girl from the Maratha caste? They had plans of getting married. But he was murdered by those people. They are …