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Mirabai Chanu – Bahujan, Brahmin or just Meitei?


  Khakhlari  How digital activism narratives around the athlete exposed structural racism towards the ‘chinky northeasterner’ When Mirabai made news as the first woman to score a medal at the Tokyo Olympics, people across several socio-political factions were quick to claim her. Her win evoked nationalistic pride and sentiments and celebratory posts poured in. A …


Racist mainland Indians were more terrifying than Covid

Chongtham photo

  Chongtham Rameshwori  My phone records 9:21 pm with the first picture of my favourite but unfortunate black T-shirt splattered with the thick pungent tobacco remains over my neck and chest area. On 22nd March 2020, after the nationwide curfew ended at 9 pm, I went outside with my friend to buy some groceries, to …


Some Thoughts on Manipur and Asad Haider’s book, Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump


  Jackson RK Racism is a face producing machine. It gives a face to the living things, non-living things, and, this time, to an entity that is both a living and a non-living thing at the same time: virus. As the world shrinks into private rooms in the aftermath of the corona-virus pandemic, racism succeeded …


The indigenous people are used to sharing, not distancing: Santa Khurai

Santa Khurai

  Santa Khurai (SAVARI and Round Table India are doing a series on the Coronavirus pandemic) Santa KhuraiPhoto credit: Sonia Nepram Round Table India: Thanks for taking time, Santa. Could you share what is the situation in Imphal right now around the COVID-19 crisis? Santa Khurai: The situation has become much worse. The government acted …


An Enquiry Beyond Citizenship Amendment Bill


  Veewon Thokchom  The question of migrant population in the “Northeast” – Land of the rising sun, Land of festivals, Scotland of the East, Jewel of India – has always remained elusive in the popular discourse of the country, just as the question of occupation in Kashmir – a Paradise on Earth. These artfully contrived …


Buried Stories

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Veewon Thokchom                                           As a boy who grew up in Manipur in the 1990s, living in gruesomeness had become a way of life. When I tell stories about those days I feel that telling stories constitutes an act of resistance, an act that reaffirms our existence. Why it is essential to tell these stories is because …


Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur

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The Case for Separate Administration:Why India must carve out a Union Territory from the State of Manipur ~ Min Khooptong “O stranger, thou who passes by,Go, and tell the hills high and low,That in defending their ‘morrow,Here we lie”  An epitaph proposed for the patriots who gave their lives. Barely a month has passed since …