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Trans, Gender Nonconforming & Intersex Collectives Strongly Condemn Kinnar Akhara’s Support For Ram Temple At Ayodhya, India

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This is a statement issued by Indian Trans, Intersex and Gender Nonconforming (T/IS/GNC) individuals & groups in response to the Kinnar Akhada’s call for a Ram temple at the Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya. This statement is being issued with the deepest sense of anguish, concern and condemnation at this call, which is bound to …


Gender Outlawed: The Supreme Court judgment on third gender and its implications


  Gee Imaan Semmalar Justice KS Radhakrishnan Panicker and Justice AK Sikri delivered a Supreme Court judgment on April 15,2014. That is all that can be said clearly. Who the judgment includes or excludes in its understanding of transgenders, whether transgenders can identify as male/female or third sex, what is being guaranteed to us as …