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Kerala coastal highway: Fisherfolk without land rights are sitting ducks for corporate land grabs

Ibin Nayakam My friends and I, youngsters from the fishing community, were playing football on the shore as we often do. Suddenly, we saw a line of pink stones on the shore. We used them as goalposts for our game that day. But the pink stones revealed a great injustice that was about to befall …


Caste Diversity in Indian Development Sector: Does it Exist?

why do you worry about caste

  Karthik Navayan Gramsci uses the analogy of civil society as a system of trenches and redoubts surrounding the state1. All political attempts by the underprivileged classes–castes in Indian context–to overcome the barriers are drowned by the development sector that claims for itself the status of the civil society. Does the civil society, popularly understood …


Ambedkar’s Long Neglected Thoughts on Land Reforms and Agriculture

utkarsh mohod

  Utkarsh Mohod Agriculture’s contribution to the Indian economy plays a vital role in economic development and in keeping hunger of rural India at bay. Though secondary (Industry) sector is dominant in contemporary economic development of the country, around 65 per cent of people’s lives still depends on the primary sector (Agriculture). Agriculture’s share in …


Going backward

surinder jodhka

  Surinder S. Jodhka The Jats, without doubt, have been the most important and powerful caste community in the rural landscapes of northwest India. The sources of their dominance have typically been their control over agricultural lands, their demographics and their networks beyond the village. However, unlike the other “dominant castes”, such as the Marathas …


Panchami Land Retrieval- Direct action by Liberation Panthers


Joshua Isaac As part of ‘Panchami Land Retrieval Movement’ planned all over Tamil Nadu, announced by our leader Annan Thol.Thirumavalavan on John Thomas – Ezhumalai (Land retrieval struggle martyrs) rememberance day, Panchami Land Retrieval protest & direct action was carried out at Maraimalai Nagar, Kanchipuram district regarding the 36 acres identified in that area.