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‘Jai Bhim, Lal Salam’: Myth and Reality

vinod kumar jnu

  Vinod Kumar Of late, uniting Ambedkarism and communism has become a matter of discussion among intellectuals and students across India. As far as the emergence of this discourse is concerned, it is because of the increasing assertion of the Ambedkarite forces to alter the politics of the most prominent institutions, in particular HCU, JNU, …


Academic Hindutva and the Futility of Dalit-Left Unity Calls

c ahamed fayiz

C Ahamed Fayiz Since the beginning of this year, Indian campuses have been witnessing a grave turmoil. It is nothing but an expression of accumulated frustration born out of the inequitable system of governance in every domain, which has a long history of centuries. Campuses and educational spaces are the most vulnerable places for discrimination …