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Brahminical Conversations on Dalit Politics

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  Koonal Duggal and Kavita Bhanot A poster was recently shared widely on social media advertising a panel discussion at the 2017 Delhi Book Fair, titled ‘Contemporary Dalit Politics’. The event was a discussion around Badri Narayan Tiwari’s new book Fractured Tales: Invisibles in Indian Democracy, which makes a case for the ways in which …


National SC Commission reprimands EFLU Administration: VC summoned to Delhi

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  DABMSA EC April 19, 2016. Today, members of the EFL University administration responded to the summons by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. Koonal Duggal and other students from EFLU and members of the administration – the Registrar, the Deputy Proctor, the Anti-discrimination Officer and the Dean of Students’ Welfare – deposed before Smt. …


Press Release from SC/ST faculty Forum and Concerned Teachers, UoH regarding attack on Mr. Koonal Duggal in EFLU

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  UoH SC/ST faculty Forum and Concerned Teachers We, The SC/ST faculty Forum and Concerned Teachers from the University of Hyderabad strongly condemn the attack on Mr. Koonal Duggal while he was addressing a gathering on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanthi.on 14th April 2016. We also condemn the manner in which he was manhandled by the …


The “Cultures of Violence” in CSSSC, Kolkata

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Koonal Duggal I am writing this public note in the light of a recent incident of casteism that I, along with others, have faced from the organisers of the Cultural Studies Workshop at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata (CSSSC henceforth). The call for participation in the workshop titled ‘Cultures of Violence’ highlighted …