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Down Town to Kiss of Love: Problems of ‘Public’ Reasoning

dt to kol 1

  Ajith Kumar A S & K Ashraf Certain debates are constructed around the deceptive dialectics of progressive versus retrograde. The scheme of either/or motivates us to fall in line on the point of saying either an unequivocal yes or a categorical no. Fissures in the society and politics are sometimes rendered invisible through such …


Pitting Love against Love, the Hindu Moral Code on Sex and Sexuality

hari prasad

  Hari Prasad “Students of social organization have been content with noting the difference between equality and inequality. None have realized that in addition to equality and inequality there is such a thing as graded inequality….. To make the thing concrete the Brahmanic law of marriage is full of inequity. The right of Brahmana to …


Red is a Darker version of Saffron

abdullah rahul sanjana

  Abdullah Rahman, Rahul Meenakshi & Sanjana Krishnan ‘Kiss of Love’ and the Islamophobic Undercurrent of the Movement The famous case of Downtown restaurant in Calicut that was vandalised by Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BJYM) on 24th October, 2014 for allegedly promoting immoral activities is now a nationwide furore. The goons of the BJP’s youth wing …