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Kalekuri Prasad, the fluttering flag of defiance

kalekuri yuvaka

  Karthik Navayan   I was Shambhuka in the Treta Yuga Twenty two years ago, my name was Kanchikacherla Kotesu My place of birth is Kilvenmani, Karamchedu, Neerukonda Now Chunduru is the name that cold-blooded feudal brutality Has tattooed on my heart with ploughshares From now on, Chunduru is not a noun but a pronoun …


Gaddar, Universal Poet-Singer-Performer Of Our Times

gaddar kalekuri

  Kalekuri Prasad (Foreword to Dr. P. Kesava Kumar‘s forthcoming book Gaddar: Mahakavi of Our Times, written by Kalekuri Prasad) Gaddar with the author Kalekuri Prasad ( poet, writer, critic and activist who passed away recently)  At last an effort to assess the great poet-singer of our times, Gaddar, is being made. It is not …


There will never be another man like him


Karthik Navayan (We thank Karthik for this moving tribute to the great Telugu poet, Marxist-Leninist and Maoist ideologue, Dalit leader and social revolutionary K.G. Satyamurthy, who passed away on April 17, 2012– Round Table India) You have to decide on your own how you wish to understand Satyamurthy, but he was a man who everyone …