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Judges’ location and Judgments – The Curious Case of PM’s mug shot


  Bobby Kunhu “Lo, justice flees from you.Expelled from its seat!The magistrates do wrong,Right-dealing is bent sideways,The judges snatch what has been stolen.”― Miriam Lichtheim It is accepted jurisprudence that judges have biases that are rooted in their identity location. This is the reason for the strong pitch for judicial diversity across the globe to …


Lacking the basics: The Supreme Court judgement on Atrocities Act

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  Sthabir Khora There is a saying that goes: ‘mastery is mastery of the basics’. The Supreme Court judgement on Atrocities Act (Subhash Kashinath Mahajan v The State of Maharashtra, 2018) reminds one of this particular saying. The adage ‘mastery is mastery of the basics’ is applicable to all disciplines including statistics and jurisprudence. This …


Casteist Media Misses a Landmark Judgement on Reservations in Promotions

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  The Silence on ‘Reservations in Promotions’ in a caste-based social polity Bobby Kunhu In a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court of India, Justices Chalameswar and Sikri have held that:  “to carry out promotions from Scale-I upwards upto Scale-VI, reservation in promotion in favour of SC/ST employees has to be given” in the Chairman …


“Dalits have been waiting for 200 years for justice, another 20 years won’t matter”

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes Today, August 6th, marks the 23rd anniversary of Tsunduru massacre of Dalits in Andhra Pradesh. When the case finally reached the Andhra Pradesh High Court, all the accused (including those who had been convicted by the lower court) were acquitted on April 22, 2014. Several Dalit and human rights …