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Unveiling Brahmanic Hegemony: A Discussion on ‘Hatred in the belly: Politics behind the appropriation of Dr Ambedkar’s Writings’

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  The Shared Mirror is pleased to invite you for a  discussion on ‘Hatred in the belly: Politics behind the appropriation of Dr Ambedkar’s Writings’ at JNU, New Delhi Date: 10TH January 2016 Time: 2.30PM To 6.00PM Place: School of Social Sciences-I Auditorium, JNU, New Delhi SPEAKERS


Political Agenda of Pasmanda Muslims in Lok Sabha Elections, 2014

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  National Alliance of Pasmanda Organizations (NAPO) In a meeting of various pasmanda (dalit and backward caste) muslim and other dalit/OBC organizations/intellectuals held in Lucknow on June 30, 2013 the following resolutions were adopted in the wake of Lok Sabha Elections 2014: a) Boycott of any political party supporting the ashraf-driven demand of TOTAL MUSLIM …